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Share Your Success Story

Share your success story about Vision Therapy

(In each of the following cases, your story will be shared on our website and through our social media outlets)

• Have your child make a collage.
• Write your own success story for our website.

You can either use the form below, or submit it to us via email.
Please try to include the following:
1. Your struggles: How did you determine your child had a vision problem?  What were some specific struggles, and how did it make you feel?
2. Your therapy:  What was it like going through the therapy?  Be honest and let people know if it was difficult.  Describe your experience.
3. Your results:  How has vision therapy changed your child’s life?  List specific ways.
• Let us interview you.  We’ll interview you and write your success story for you, and/or you could participate in a video interview.
• Let us tell your story to your local media.  Let us contact your local newspaper and pitch your success story to the paper’s editor. If you’re interested in the last two options, please email outreach coordinator Greg Mischio and provide him with your name, phone number, and a good time to reach you.