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Hire Dr. Julie To Grow Your Practice


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Whether you’re just starting your Vision Therapy practice, or you’ve been at it for a while and you’re ready to take it to the next level, our consultations can help. Depending on your unique situation, you can take advantage of our ability to provide a new perspective on your business model, new ideas for your business, and/or training for your staff. We provide three different levels of consultations to ensure there’s one available that meets your needs:

  • WALK – Take part in our training curriculum with weekly Zoom calls. This is the most affordable option and is great if your business is going in the general direction you want it to go, but you need a little professional help reaching your destination.
  • RUN – Weekly Zoom calls PLUS access to Dr. Julie for questions. This is for people who need a little more guidance. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of and help steer you in the right direction, this plan is for you.
  • FLY – All of the above, plus training curriculum for your staff, customized templates, and a week of hands-on training in our office! This is the most comprehensive option and it’s ideal for anyone looking to make sure their business really takes off. We give you all the tools you need to make your Vision Therapy practice as successful as possible.

We truly feel one of the above is the BEST option for you to grow your practice.

I am currently a client of Dr. Julie's vision therapy personalized coaching program, and I wanted to say a few words to anyone interested in going out of their comfort zone or taking their vision therapy clinic to the next level. I started working with Julie in September and have to say, only 2 months in, I am so happy I took the plunge. I have made some major changes to my vision therapy only clinic and it has been the best changes for my staff and me. Not only am I seeing changes in my patients and my income, but also in myself. Because of Julie's help, I am more confident and am making bigger changes in my patient's lives. Thank you Dr. Julie for your encouragement and expertise. I wouldn't have been where I am today without you!

Dr. Melissa Leniuk

I have been working with Dr. Julie for 3 months. I have gone from 3 to 13 patients in vision therapy! I have grown so much that I am currently training a staff member to be a therapist! Financially, I went from roughly $2000 for a 20 week case to now making $3300. I have added a 45 week course of treatment which will generate roughly $7200!

Dr. Stacey Archibald


What are you waiting for??? Please fill out the form with any questions you have and Dr. Steinhauer will contact you directly.

Note that this form is ONLY for vision therapy doctors who want to hire Dr. Steinhauer to grow their practices. If you are a prospective PATIENT, please fill out the Vision and Quality of Life Questionnaire by clicking here




    Join A Community To Get Step-by Step Guidance To Grow Your Vision Therapy Practice To The Next Level!

    In this private Facebook group, you will:

    • Learn how to implement various practices in your office to watch your sales go up!
    • Receive proven methods that will add value to your practice
    • Have access to tons of videos that will give hands on demonstrations
    • Receive specific training on techniques that we have used with our patients that result in significantly faster results.

    You will also be in a private community where Doctors and Therapists from all over the world can share ideas AND get questions answered. We are confident that joining the group and implementing what you learn will get you AND your patients results. This elite and private group is available for ONLY 300 members for $154/year or $15.99/monthly, so act now while the doors are still open!

    “When I joined the Next level training group I initial wanted to learn how to do certain tests and training therapies. Instead I have received that and more. Considering my present approach in my practice, I now realise that this has been ‘short sighted’, when compared to what I’ve been inspired to do. Rehabilitation of, not only the visual system but of the individuals impression of themselves. I’ve been so pleased to find like minded members who have a holistic and wholistic approach that caters to individuals beyond just glasses. Considering the whole person and not just their eyes. In particular Dr Julie has inspired me to extend past my comfort zone in order to grow my practice in what I believe may be the most exciting and fulfilling expedition- transforming lives for the future within my little community in Auckland New Zealand.

    Dr Pillay

    Thank you, I think I just found my treasury island, you taught almost everything!

    I like Next level, as it improves my professional knowledge weekly! Dr Julie also a kind lecturer that is able to solve all my questions in VT, especially Syntonics. She is definitely helping me with my practice in Malaysia.

    Dr Chin

    I never really knew what I was signing up for with Dr.Julie’s Next Level Vision Therapy, but I am so grateful I did. I have learned so much information in such a short amount of time and I just started. It’s an amazing group, and Dr. Julie is so full of knowledge and wonderful energy. I am blessed to be learning from her. Thank you Dr. Julie!

    Dr Leniuk


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