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Symptoms of Dyslexia can be corrected with Vision Therapy


If you exhibit symptoms of dyslexia, you may just have a correctable vision problem, not dyslexia.


If you do have dyslexia, vision therapy is not a cure.

We see many patients who exhibit symptoms similar to dyslexia. If someone is exhibiting these symptoms and doesn’t have dyslexia, they are likely suffering from a vision problem and we can help.

If a person experiencing these symptoms does have dyslexia, we can help improve their visual efficiency and visual processing, but we do not treat the dyslexia. Our approach, however, will allow a person to be more responsive to educational instruction.

What are the related symptoms?

The symptoms that are shared by people with dyslexia and people with vision problems include poor eye teaming, poor eye tracking and perceptual problems. These problems can cause words on a page to appear to move or be reversed.

What can be done to distinguish the two?

A functional vision exam will establish whether the problem is a visual one. There are cases in which a person has both dyslexia and a vision problem. In these cases, vision therapy should be part of a multi-disciplinary approach.