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When I first started visual therapy in May I felt like everything I was doing was impossible and I thought it would never get easier.Read More »Sarah


We got home from picking Cana up from daycare around 4:00 where the light outside was still bright. Cana played with magnets on the window(whichRead More »Chelsie


Happy to report about my daughter: -Improved coordination & less accident prone. Loves soccer. -Significant improvement in handwriting. -More patience when working through math wordRead More »Charlotte


“After 1 month of Syntonics, I’ve noticed that Waylon’s eyes don’t go outward/in the opposite direction of one another as much as they previously did. IRead More »Loretta


We have been using Syntonics for only 1 WEEK and already noticing a difference in my son’s eye alignment. I’m so thankful we found youRead More »Brittany


Since beginning Syntonics, Lisa was able to cut out paper hearts for her daughter to glue on her school valentine box. This is yet anotherRead More »Lisa