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Double Vision | What You Should Know

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A lightly edited Video Transcript is available below.

What is Double Vision?

The phenomenon of Double vision occurs when the eyes see an object as split or not as a singular object. So it might appear overlapping, or it may not overlap at all, but usually, there is some separation that occurs vertically with an overlap or it may be entirely separated. This can also occur diagonally. Any of those manifestations are possible in terms of how you perceive objects when you have double vision.

Double Vision can also occur intermittently, which may mean that it’s not happening all the time. It may be constant, or it might occur if someone is just looking off to one angle.

For instance, if they look over their shoulder when they’re driving, they may notice double vision or up to the left corner or down to the right corner. So, it might be specific to a location in which you’re looking that you notice the double vision.

Top Binocular Causes of Double Vision

There are three top binocular vision situations that will cause or could potentially cause a person to have double vision.

1. Generalized Binocular Vision Disorder

This occurs where a person may have difficulty looking from one distance to another. Let’s say they’re looking at a smart board at the end of the room in the classroom, and they have to go back to look at their desk or from their desk to the Smartboard. And they may notice that their eyes don’t quite sync up quite right. Immediately, when they go from one distance to another and they may notice or experience double vision for a brief period of time, this can also happen if you’re on a computer.

2. Convergence Insufficiency

This is where the two eyes don’t want to line up and cross together as a team and stay lined up by one. The eye might tend to get kind of tired and turn off duty, or you have difficulty pulling that image together and keeping the eyes lined up. So you might see the image kind of flex apart almost like this. And that can occur with convergence insufficiency.

3. Strabismus

In this case, the eye is turning. An eye turn can occur out (Exotropia), In (Esptropia), in the up or down position (Hyper or Hypotropia), and also in a diagonal or circular pattern (Cyclotropia). It’s really confusing, but any of those forms of strabismus could potentially cause you to see double vision.


Other visual-based Causes of Double Vision

There are a lot of other visual possible causes of double vision. So let’s talk about those briefly:

1. One could be cataracts.

2. Another one could be macular degeneration.

3. Another one would be the refractive condition of the eye.


What I mean by “refractive condition” is when a person is far-sighted (hyperopia), nearsighted (myopia) or has astigmatism. If you have a difference between the two eyes with that refractive condition, it’s possible that you could get double vision associated with that.

So, those are the main not only binocular vision disorders that can cause double vision, Also some of the less well-known generalized visual problems that can cause by double vision.


Some Hidden and Dangerous Causes of Double Vision

But now let’s talk about the fact that there are situations that can be the root cause of double vision, that can be serious that we need to know about. Like, why are these other things coming on? The monocular vision disorder, the strabismus, why are those other things happening? Could it be a more serious root cause? And indeed, there are several. So, let’s talk about those, so if it is more serious, that needs to be treated.

Some of these conditions that may cause Double Vision include:

1. A brain aneurysm
2. A brain tumor
3. Traumatic brain injury
4. A stroke
5. Myasthenia gravis
6. A condition called multiple sclerosis, which you might be more familiar with.
7. Diabetes
8. Hypertension
9. Thyroid eye disease

As you can see, there are quite a few other conditions that can cause double vision. It’s really important to root those out and make sure we have the proper diagnosis as to what’s causing it. We might need to have treatment for that, obviously, and rooting out that cause might involve blood tests or MRI’s and CAT scans.

So again, very important to know what’s our cause so we can treat it accurately. Now let’s talk about how we treat double vision once we know what it is and where it’s coming from or what the root cause is.

So next to me, I have several different tools here. I’m going to talk to you about how we use multiple sets of tools or multiple items in our phase two program. But in phase one, which I talk about often, my favorite part, you know, I love it, Syntonics (Photo-Syntonics Light Therapy).

So, phase one of our therapy program is utilizing Syntonics or photo light therapy. Now, it’s not just any kind of Syntonics or Photo Syntonic Light Therapy that you just throw at it and try a red filter or a green filter and let’s see if that works.

No, I’m actually talking about a very systematic approach, utilizing the Photo-Syntonic Light therapy that I actually created myself and that we use for all of our patients.

It follows a very specific format and what we have found to be most effective for training people not to experience double vision anymore and to correct for things like traumatic brain injury or strabismus or some of these other things that I’ve mentioned today.

So, we’re following a systematic approach on how the brain heals itself and allows the eyes to be able to learn how to cooperate together better as a team to get rid of the double vision.

So that’s phase one, wearing Syntonics goggles daily depending upon the diagnosis and what’s going on and what we’re trying to treat. It might be for 7 minutes a day that someone wears glasses or might be for 14 minutes a day that they wear the glasses.

In phase two then, they get assigned to a therapist and we start working with tools, as I’ve shown.

We’ve talked before about the Brock string. This is a Burneloscope. There are quite a few other items that we use and vision therapy. But in phase two, we’re using multiple tools in order to teach you how to line up and use your two eyes better together.

So, your brain is directing the pathway of how your eyes are lining up. And we’re teaching that in two ways one through

Phase 1 – Electrically signaling the muscles of the eyes to line up.

And then two,

in Phase 2 – We are looking at and teaching you how to mechanically line up and use your two eyes together as a team better, to get rid of that double vision.


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