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Vision Therapy & Concussion Awareness

Most people are familiar with what a concussion is: a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from a bump, blow, or jolt directly to the head or from a hit to the body that causes the head to move back and forth rapidly causing trauma to the brain.

Concussions range from mild to moderate to severe. The three levels are defined by the time frame of disorientation. In a mild concussion, an individual may be disorientated for up to 15 minutes. With a moderate one, an individual may be disorientated for more than 15 minutes. In both mild and moderate cases, an individual will not pass out. However, with severe concussions, an individual will pass out and lose consciousness.

Some of the symptoms that occur following any type of concussed head trauma are:
Light Headedness
Sometimes vomiting
Light sensitivity
Difficulty focusing
Sometimes stability, balance, and/or walking can be thrown off

What is not so familiar is how to heal after a concussion. The three most common or traditional avenues recommended are known as the 3 Rs:
1. Rest
2. Reduce (screen time)
3. Restrict the activities

At Vision For Life and Success, we will incorporate those 3 Rs into our treatment plans for concussions, especially if the head trauma is recent. We want our patient’s systems to be rested and ready to begin healing. Yet, long term that conventional remediation alone can be ineffective in the healing process. Many of our patients have totally exhausted the 3 Rs but have lingering symptoms/complications and are desperate for relief. This is why at Vision For Life and Success we have advanced methods to recover from a wide variety of conditions, including concussions.

With each individualized treatment plan crafted, there’s a two phased approach; an active phase and a hands on phase, which can be done alone or simultaneously. Syntonics (active phase) and vision therapy (hands-on phase completed with a vision therapy specialist) embody this dual phased strategy. Combining these modalities creates a powerhouse technique for optimal healing.

The function of Syntonics is essentially to assist in the rewiring of the brain. Syntonics is a non-invasive, simplistic but highly effect therapy to help the brain reboot itself. Syntonics, or photo light therapy, consists of an assortment of colored lenses, which filter light and send signals to the brain. Each color has a specific informational code that is transmitted to the brain. The color lens that is prescribed is dependent upon the condition and/or area of weakness. All a patient must do is place the goggles on and stare at a light for a brief period of time.

Wait! What if you are extremely sensitive to light after a head injury like a concussion? Syntonics can absolutely still be utilized with quick modifications; use a very low watt light or just close your eyes! The brain is still receiving the specialized input and acquiring the benefits from Syntonics, even with those modifications!

Just as the selection of Syntonics goggles is condition specific, so are the activities in Phase 2. Patients working with a proficient therapist will use tools/equipment and participate in activities that are customized and designated to help improve upon targeted areas. Here is what one of our patients had to say about vision therapy:

I’ve come so far since my accident a little over 3 years ago. Sometimes I didn’t realize what I wasn’t able to do until I was able to do it again. I had such horrible headaches that I was on complete brain rest. I was so sensitive to every sound, my speech was slurred and I struggled to process what people said to me. Fortunately, that changed once I began vision therapy. I was able to read again, picked up my abandoned crochet, able to be on the computer, not knocking things over, the list goes on and on. Best wishes for anyone going through therapy – you can do it! –Melanie


The experts at Vision For Life and Success will throughly evaluate each case, no matter the level of complexity or severity, and tailor treatment plans according to personalized needs. In all cases, through the establishment of a unique treatment protocol, which capitalize on the efficacy of the dynamic duo of Syntonics and vision therapy, restoration of normalized vision and regular activities post concussion can be a reality.

If you are interested in learning more about or know someone who could benefit from our customized vision therapy programs, please visit our website at or contact us directly at (618) 288-1489. Schedule a consultation and get started on the healing journey today!