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How To Avoid Homework Wars

homework wars

When you mention the word homework, does it set off a violent chain reaction within your home? Do you feel like you’ve entered a landmine the second that word is mentioned? Instantly feeling like you are on enemy territory and to escape is like trying to negotiate with mini dictators!

Does that word trigger the firing squad? Are you inundated with complaints, the fidgets, distractions, or avoidance the moment there’s an attempt to get them to complete academic work outside of school hours. Feel like you are spending hours in triage after? Are you completely exhausted in this type of warfare?

Some of what parents witness on the homework battlefield are actually strong indicators of underlying vision problems. Some optical offices just scratch the surface but may miss root causes. They might not be looking at tracking, attention, handwriting, eye alignment, amblyopia, depth perception, or range of a patient’s vital field. Missing these indicators can set the stage for an epic battle during the homework wars. 

At Vision for Life and Success, we can help you and your child cease fire and come to a peace treaty. Here’s how:

When we evaluate each case, we take a global look; examining all behaviors, symptoms, and visual testing results to form a comprehensive plan. Each plan will incorporate 2 Phases: 1. Syntonics. 2. Expertly guided exercises. 

The first phase is Syntonics or Photo Light Therapy, which is a century old method that’s very simplistic but highly effective. Syntonics utilizes a light and colored goggles, that resemble 3D glasses, to aide in the healing and rewiring of the eyes and brain communicative system. Syntonics uses specific wavelengths of light to transmit into the eye, stimulating the brain to restore balance within the nervous system and trigger new growth or reconnections. Syntonics goggles come in a wide variety of colors with each filter triggering a different sequence of healing within the brain. The choice of Syntonics goggles is dependent upon the unique and individualized conditions or symptoms presented by each patient. Syntonics sessions typically run in a 5 day cycle and can range from 7 – 14 minutes. That’s it! It is a long-lived, tried and true therapy. 

Phase 2, which requires active engagement, is the hands on component. In Phase 2, patients will be working with a proficient therapist, use tools/equipment, and participate in activities to help improve upon visual skills such as tracking, focusing, eye alignment, depth perception, spatial awareness, and sensory input. This 2 phased model brings a reduction in the agony that accompanies these homework battles and astute visual improvements in areas where it was drastically needed. 

The success stories that continue to be produced from our personalized 2 tiered model is astounding. For the skeptics, these are measurable improvements and changes! Check out this one:

After 10 weeks of syntonic light therapy, Cyiah read her first book to me. She was incredibly excited. She seems more and more interested in reading. Writing letters look more like they should as well. — Chelsie

We have seen and/or receive reports regarding:

  • Patients gaining anywhere between 3 to 7 grade levels in reading skills (comprehension, reading speed, or fluency).
  • Patients have improvements in auditory function and following directions. 
  • Patients have improvements with maturity and are conducting themselves with age appropriate behaviors. 
  • The tunnel vision lessens and patients are more aware of if they are being called to direct focus on another task. 
  • Self motivation increases, as well as willingness to do the work   

In case you are now wondering if the current battles you or a loved one face could be indicators of unidentified visual dysfunctions, at Vision For Life and Success, we want to reassure you that these conditions are treatable and correctable. The first step to victory is uncovering and addressing these underlying issues that trigger the battles. Once suppressed conditions are exposed and a patient embarks on their individualized plan, a profound deescalation in the homework battles will occur. The changes will be met with measurable outcomes and eventually there will be a victorious end to the homework war!

If you are interested in learning more about or know someone who could benefit from our customized vision therapy programs, please visit our website at or contact us directly at (618) 288-1489. Schedule a consultation and get started on the healing journey today!