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Do I Need To Have Surgery For My Strabismus (Eye Turn)?

Have a strabismus diagnosis? What does that mean?

The overview or the umbrella of what strabismus is can be summed up as an eye turn. Under that umbrella, there are various types of eye turns such as:

  • Esotropia, which is an inward turn or cross eyes
  • Exotropia, which is an outward turn
  • Hypertropia, which is a vertical misalignment
  • Cyclotropia, which is tilt or torsion of one or both eyes

The words that most often follow a strabismus diagnosis are a recommendation for surgery and push to schedule it. But is that the absolute best and only intervention for a person with strabismus or could there be another way to correct it?

When the surgery card is dealt, the following outcomes can be expected from that type of intervention but usually never fully disclosed.

  • Multiple surgeries – typically eye surgery for strabismus isn’t a one and done deal. Patients will have to have more than one surgery to continuously correct the eye alignment. 
  • Eye muscles are cut and/or resected to move into a new position to correct eye alignment.
  • Eye muscles are altered to correct the physical appearance of the eye alignment but this does not address the disconnect in communication between the brain and eyes.  
  • Opting the surgery route creates a cycle of repeated surgeries followed by recoveries. None of it ever actually addressees the root cause of the strabismus (the eye turn).

Doesn’t sound like a very effective or truly corrective option once you unpack it, right? 

Are you thinking, there has got to be a better way?! This is where the expertise and individualized vision protocols at Vision For Life and Success become the game changer for patients struggling with strabismus. We are here to share the exciting news that all forms of strabismus can be and are treatable with non-invasive interventions. We can even help patients who may have opted for the eye surgery and are now seeking a more desirable way to correct strabismus.

Sounds too good to be true, right?!  Let’s look at how this is all possible.

At Vision For Life and Success, we specialize in triggering and training the muscles on how to perform by reprograming the brain. This is all done without aggressive procedures or an intrusive surgery where its primary goal is to cut and reposition eye muscles. 

When it comes to reprograming the muscles and brain, we do a “visual bootcamp” if you will, where we utilize a combination of vision therapies (visual OT/PT) and Syntonics. Syntonics light therapy is an extremely effective, non invasive intervention which utilizes different colored goggles (that resemble 3D glasses) to filter a light through. The function of Syntonics is to assist in reestablishing communication between and the reprogramming within the brain and eye systems. Syntonics provides a way to send coded signals directly to the brain simply by placing a variety of colored googles or filters over the eyes while gazing at a light. The coded messages received by the brain and eye systems will be dependent upon the color of the filter.  Syntonics is a personalized treatment and each filter used is based on the specific need of the patient and/or eye condition. 

Syntonics is used in conjunction with an individualized vision therapy program to yield the greatest results. A patient graduates from their vision program once the desired results occur. Patients are then equipped with an aftercare program, our Checkup from the Neck Up, to easily accomplish sustaining and maintaining proper eye alignment.

At Vision For Life and Success the success stories continue to pile up. Our patients embarked on their vision healing journey with an individualized vision therapy program, which include Syntonics light therapy, and the results and testimonies have been remarkable. Their success stories are proof that there’s absolutely no justification to subject yourself, your child, or a loved one to an invasive surgery to correct strabismus. At Vision For Life and Success, we can offer safe and effective non-invasive interventions, like Syntonics, to resolve misaligned eyes. Check out one of our success stories:

We heard about Vision for Life from a teacher at our school that had a student going through therapy. I reached out to this parent and asked some questions. Within a week, I had a assessment scheduled at Vision for Life. When Kelsie started Vision for Life. She was very frustrated with reading and comprehension and it would take hours to complete homework. At the initial assessment, Dr.Julie took one look at Kelsie and said she had Strabismus. Dr. Julie could see this with her sitting in the chair. Kelsie was also wearing glasses that were too strong for her and this was messing with her depth perception. Kelsie’s eyes were not reading left to right. She would come back to the second word. She was working so hard to get the words correct she was unable to comprehend what she read. After three months of therapy, Kelsie was out of her glasses. As she continued therapy, Kelsie’s confidence increased and she now enjoys reading more. This is not only true for her schoolwork, but also in sports. Since her depth perception improved, she is able to play goalie more for her soccer team. We are working on multiple year gap in reading comprehension, but it is improving every quarter. The last year has been a time commitment, but we feel this has been a lifesaver for her future. A special thank you to Kelsie’s therapist Tammy C., who was Kelsie’s cheerleader helping her and encouraging her to keep pushing. We appreciate your dedication and help along the way. We are forever thankful for Vision for Life.    — Justin and Shannon


If you are interested in learning more about or know someone who could benefit from our customized vision therapy programs, please visit our website at or contact us directly at (618) 288-1489. Schedule a consultation and get started on the healing journey today!