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Why Do We Use Syntonics In Vision Therapy?

Wait a minute, aren’t those just 3D glasses?  What can Syntonics do to improve my vision?

You might be wondering how and why those funny looking “3D glasses” are an essential part to a vision therapy program.

Syntonics, or photosyntonics light therapy, is used to calm down what is happening in the brain after trauma or problems associated with binocular vision issues. Syntonics can also:

• Balance the brain (or the hemispheres between the brain)
• Create stability for the neurological system
• Trigger muscles around the eyes (for example; patients with strabismus, Syntonics can help bring forth proper eye alignment)
• Speed up the ability to process visual information
• Reduce and reverse lens prescriptions
• Re-train the eye and brain connection to aid in regaining visual field after stroke

Syntonics yields faster results in improvements of targeted vis
ual afflictions. Syntonics is used in combination with other conventional vision therapy protocols to give patients a leg up in vision healing and correction. Syntonics also provides a more lasting change for the brain because photosyntonics light therapy actually rewires it.  

There are over 25 Syntonics filters; all of which have their own function. Syntonics filters are designed to target a wide range of visual conditions, such as convergence insufficiency, strabismus, amblyopia (or lazy eye), or a traumatic brain injury.

As mentioned, Syntonicsin combination with traditional vision therapies, is vital to vision therapy programs because it is that effective! Unfortunately, some vision programs do not offer Syntonics; but that is not the case at Vision For Life & Success. Every single patient we see has Syntonics incorporated into their personalized vision therapy program.  

So why opt for those “3D glasses” at Vision For Life & Success? 

Syntonics, in conjunction with a customized vision therapy program, can offer quicker results and long-term transformation of visual disorders. The more proactive you are about beginning Syntonics, the sooner you will be able to experience the profound improvements, without invasive measures. Imagine being able to just throw on some “3D glasses,” sit back, relax, and simply stare at a light to reap the rewards of this component of vision therapy.  Syntonics is literally that low maintenance and easy to achieve! 

After 10 weeks of syntonics for reducing myopia and astigmatism, days when I don’t do them I feel like I haven’t actually woken up. Like when I do the syntonics it feels like someone has hit the refresh button on my eyes.
I love the therapy, my eyes just see much better after them and it gives me a boost for the day.
*Name changed at the request of the patient

If you are interested in learning more about Syntonics and our customized vision therapy programs here at Vision For Life & Success, contact us today! We offer scheduling in our office as well as online! Our vision therapy services include developmental vision exams, evaluations, learning-related vision treatments and treatments for binocular vision conditions, injuries, rehabilitation and more. Please visit our website at or contact us directly at (618) 288-1489.