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Ask Dr Julie: How Long After A Concussion Will It Take To See Improvement With Therapy?

Hi, in this segment of Ask Dr. Julie, this question comes in from Mustafa and he wants to know how long after a concussion can he see improvement with his vision? Well, Mustafa, this one is kind of complex. Let’s dig into it and break it down a little bit. But first let me tell you about how you can connect with me. If you’re a local, you can call us at 618-288-1489. If you’re not local, go to our website at and you’ve got two options, you can either schedule a consultation direct with me to talk with me about your case or if you just want to kind of take a toe step into things and talk with us a little bit and find out a little bit more than I would recommend that you fill out the quality of life questionnaire. Now let’s go back to Mustafa’s question and find out some of the answers to that.

So can you have vision improvement after concussion? Absolutely. How long does it take? Well, it’s variable. So depending upon what we’re kind of trying to answer here, if we’re trying to answer, if we do nothing at all how long does it take? Well, it actually can take years for things to resolve themselves completely if you don’t do anything at all to correct the visual things that have happened post concussion. But if you are correcting them, which means that maybe you’re going through vision therapy and syntonic light therapy, something like what we offer, then it’s possible that you might be starting to see some improvement after just four to six weeks. Some of our patients will notice some immediate results within a couple of weeks of less sensitivity to light, less problems with headaches, maybe some of the blurriness goes away, or maybe some of that just kind of uncomfortable feeling with vision tends to get better. And then other patients it may take longer for things to resolve. So everybody is unique and different and every case is unique and different.

So hopefully I’ve answered that question. Now, if you like this information, obviously like the video for us we love that, subscribe to our YouTube channel. But you know, if you feel like this would be helpful to somebody then pass it along to someone else. Thank you.