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Ask Dr. Julie: Am I Too Old To Treat My Amblyopia?

Hi, I’m Dr. Steinhauer. In this segment of Ask Dr. Julie, I want to go over a common question that comes in to us via email and via YouTube, and, ahh, we get asked a lot. The question is, can I actually learn how to use my two eyes together even though I’m old…  And the answer is yes.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, okay, and we’re not going to consider anyone old, but it doesn’t matter what age you are. At any point in time, yes, you can be treated for amblyopia. And yes, you can have success with it.

Now, obviously there are a few situations that maybe are not going to be successful, like an accident. Maybe a tragic accident happened and you happen to be blind in one eye. There are some extenuating circumstances that we might not be able to treat. But in most people, the answer is yes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 4 or 28, or if you happen to be 72. You can have improvement and you can be able to see better with the amblyopic eye. You might even be able to attain normal eyesight that matches the other eye, depending again on your situation. That’s where we would have to come in. We’d have to be able to consult with you to see if your situation is one in which we can correct it to be normal in both eyes, or if we can get it better from where it is and make an improvement.

So don’t fall for this silly nonsense that lots of doctors say. And I know, I’ve heard it all in 20 years of being a doctor, I’m telling you, I’ve heard pretty much everything…about how my doctor said it’s not possible. They said that that’s a bunch of garbage. They said that there’s no science that backs this up. They said that I’m too old.

I’m sorry, but don’t listen to that because that’s not true. Again, there may be some extenuating circumstances, but that’s where we can come in because we can help shed the light on the truth and help you out. Now, if you happen to be in a situation that we cannot help you, we’re going to be honest and tell you that. But if you are, which is going to be more like around 98 to 99% of the cases that are out there, if we can help you, well, we’re going to be honest about that too.

So don’t think just because of your situation being so bad or your eyesight being so awful that we can’t help you. That simply is not the case. There is no age range that it’s like, “Oop, hardwired, you’re out of luck.” That’s not the truth. Okay, we can help anybody at any age.

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Now, here’s the other thing to note, how do you connect with us? If this is you and you’re like, “I want to learn about this. Okay, maybe you can help me,” then call us if you happen to be local. Local is within kind of a driving distance from our office. Give us a call at 618-288-1489 if you’re local to us.

But if you’re not local to us, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Go to our website at And on the website, you can do one of two things. If you just want to find out more information, then we really kind of recommend that you fill out the Quality of Life questionnaire. Now that’s going to email over to us, we’ll respond via email to you, and we can answer your questions.

But if you know for certain, “I’m doing it, I want help no matter what” and you really want to skip all of the silliness and just go straight to scheduling a consultation with us, then there’s this Schedule a Consultation button. I know, we’re getting fancy. All right, so you can schedule a consultation directly with me where we’ll meet face-to-face in video and we can discuss your case.

Now, again, if you are local, please just give us a phone call. If you’re not local, which is not driving distance or within a few hours distance, then we consider you not local and please go to our website. Thank you.