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Ask Dr. Julie: Is There Hope For An Adult With Amblyopia?

Hi. I’m Dr. Julie Steinhauer. On the segment of Ask Dr. Julie, we’ve got a great question that comes in online from Joshua. Joshua says that he’s 36 years old. He’s amblyopic in one of his eyes, which means he doesn’t see well, and he sees 20/800. Is there any hope?

Yes, Joshua, there is. We work with a lot of patients who have amblyopia, even adult patients who have amblyopia, and we have success training their brains how to process seeing better with the amblyopic eye. Now, depending upon your case, and some of the details, there are some tricky situations of amblyopia that are really hard cases. One would be if it’s more associated with something that’s a disease process. Two, would be if it’s associated with a really asymmetric lens prescription. If it’s really huge difference, then those cases can be very difficult.

Sometimes those cases don’t have as great of an outcome. But certainly if we know what that information is, we can consult with you and we can direct and guide you on what we think your result would be. So if you know someone who has amblyopia, as an adult or as a child, we work with kids too. Amblyopia again is where the eye doesn’t develop the ability to see properly. Maybe it’s because of an asymmetric lens prescription. Maybe it’s because of a condition called strabismus where an eye turns. But if amblyopia exists in yourself, or someone that you know, then contact us.

Go to our website and fill out the questionnaire, especially if you’re not local to us. Fill out the questionnaire, which will get sent over to us, and then we can connect with you and talk to about how we can help you. Now, if you’re local and you live in an area where you’ll be able to drive to our clinic, then give us a call. Our phone number is (618) 288-1489. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help you.