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Ask Dr. Julie: Can You Treat Alternating Strabismus?

alternating strabismus

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie Steinhauer. On this segment of Ask Dr. Julie, we have a question that comes in online from multiple sources asking us, “Can we actually treat someone who has an alternating strabismus or an alternating eye turn?” The answer to that is yes, it’s actually easier to treat the alternating eye turn than it is one that’s constant. Whether or not the eye is crossing in or out, they can be treated.

So, for instance, if one eye’s crossing in and the other eye is straight and it’s fixated, then it might switch and then alternate. Or if they happen to be out, it’s going to look like one is the fixating eye, and then the other turns on and that one turns out. Can also be vertical problems as well.

But yes, we can treat and fix and correct and improve all of those things. Whether or not they are alternating, whether or not they are constant, we have great success in working with all patients. With esotropia, which is the eye turns in; exotropia, eye turns out; hypertropia, eye turns up; and even cycloptropias, which is almost a diagonal and really complex. But yes, we have great success in treating all of those. So you can treat an alternating eye turn with great success.

For more information about how we do that, and maybe even to read some of our testimonials about how we have worked with patients with eye turns, you can go to our website at If you are wondering maybe is it possible we could help you; well then, certainly you can fill out a questionnaire for us. That will come over to us, so we can then connect with you to figure out how we might be able to help you. Or if you’re a local and you wanted to call us, well then call us at (618) 288-1489, and we can talk to about how we can help you with your alternating eye turn, or if it’s a constant.

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