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Ask Dr. Julie: Will Vision Therapy Work If You Are Almost Blind?

does vision therapy work if you are almost blind

Hi, in this segment of Ask Dr. Julie, we have a great question, who comes in from Moweeb from YouTube asking, “If someone is considered to be almost blind in their lazier amblyopic eye, will vision therapy still work for them?” This is a tricky question, but it’s a great question, because it depends on what your definition of almost blind is. Obviously there is light perception, which would just be someone who can only see a light versus maybe say counting fingers; where if I hold up two fingers at a distance of three, six, or 10 feet away from a patient, and they say, “Yeah, I can see that you have two fingers.” So almost blind is kind of a loose statement. Or does it mean that with glasses their best corrected is only 2,400? In this case, we are considering them to be legally visually impaired.

So, I think that’s a bit of a loose question in terms of what almost blind means. We don’t want to put out any misinformation out there, but we can generally help someone who has the issue of say counting fingers and not seeing as well, to be able to see sharper and more clear. Yes, vision therapy can work and can be beneficial for even this situation. Certainly you can go to our website at There’s also a questionnaire on our home page you can fill out. We’ll connect with you on how we might be able to help you. But you can also just call our clinic, if you know someone who is in this situation. Give us a call, especially if you’re local. Call us at (618) 288-1489.