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Ask Dr. Julie: Will Vision Therapy Help Me If I Have Had Multiple Strabismus Surgeries?

multiple strabismus surgeries

On this segment of Ask Dr. Julie, there’s a great question coming in from YouTube from Isabelle. Her question is, “If I’ve had four surgeries already for Strabismus, is vision therapy something that can still help me?” And the answer is yes! We actually probably get asked this question a couple of times per week, but it doesn’t really matter how many surgeries you have had. We can still train your brain to be the control center of the muscles. It does make it more challenging, the number of surgeries that you have had. So if someone’s had three, four, five, six, seven surgeries, the more surgeries you’ve had, the more challenging it becomes just because of the potential for scar tissue. Scar tissue would mean that it would connect sometimes from muscle to muscle. This means it kind of can position the eye in a certain place and it’s a little bit more difficult to train the brain to control that if the muscles are kind of fixed together via scar tissue.

So ultimately, no it doesn’t matter if you’ve had multiple surgeries. Vision therapy can still retrain your brain to use your two eyes together better. We actually do this all the time, we’ve got great results with it. For more information, go to our website at You can also fill out the questionnaire on our home page and send it over to us. Or give us a call if you’re a local and you want to find out how we’d be able to help you with your Strabismus. 618-288-1489