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Make 2020 Your Year of Improving ALL of Your Vision – There is More to Vision Than Just 20/20

improving all of your vision

improving all of your visionVision therapy goes beyond the traditional eye exam. Did you know that at Vision For Life, we are able to assess vision problems that go beyond just seeing an object clearly 20 feet away? Some vision problems diagnosed with our vision testing include focusing issues, convergence deficiencies, lazy eye, misaligned eyes, suppressed vision, poor eye teaming, vision field loss and more. Having eyesight vision does not mean that you or a loved one has the visual skills necessary to achieve success in day-to-day activities, greater sports performance and reading comprehension. In the new year, it may be time to schedule an evaluation with Vision For Life to determine if you have optimal vision.

For example, the ability to read is a compilation of many elements. We use our visual, language, phonetic and decoding skills to understand what we read and write. Vision deficiencies are a main source of reading problems, headaches and more. In children, vision problems can also be misdiagnosed as autism, ADHD and as a learning disability. At Vision For Life, we assess the 17 visual skills needed for near work that includes reading, writing, working and studying. Some of the skills tested include central vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, color perceptions, and gross/fine motor skills. We have years of training to evaluate the skills and treat any deficiencies that may be discovered.

If you or a loved one suffers from fatigue, headaches or itchy eyes when reading, poor comprehension or memory, a short attention span or poor hand-eye coordination, a Vision For Life evaluation can help determine if vision therapy is needed. Vision problems can also affect learning in children and a thorough evaluation will determine the next steps in achieving an improved quality of life. What’s more important than giving your child a foundation for success? If you suspect a vision problem, we are experts in our industry and can develop an individual program for your loved one.

Scheduling a vision examination with a behavioral optometrist will cover all areas of vision, not just 20/20 vision. Our vision therapy treats binocular vision conditions, stress-related vision problems and sports therapy visual training issues. We also offer neuro-optometric rehabilitation and syntonic phototherapy. For a list of various treatment options, click here. Each patient diagnosed with any visual issue will receive a customized treatment plan, depending on their unique circumstances.

Our comprehensive vision evaluation and treatments are extremely successful in diagnosing and treating vision problems and concerns. If you believe you are suffering from a vision issue, we can discuss the option of vision therapy as a corrective method. Vision therapy can be helpful for individuals of all ages, and it’s never too late for treatment to correct and improve your overall vision. Start fresh in 2020 and contact us if you suspect you may have a vision problem. With our help, you can set your sights on getting your vison back on track. Visit our website at or by calling us at 618-288-1489.