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Ask Dr. Julie: Can Visual Sensory Issues From A Concussion Last And Present As Anxiety?


Can the visual sensory affects of a concussion last years later and present as anxiety?

The answer is absolutely yes. There’s a lot of symptoms you can have like dizziness, light sensitivity, double vision, focusing problems, trouble with motor, balance and coordination, headaches even and print de-stabilizing, (words moving around on the page when you are trying to look at it.) These are certain things that people will experience after traumatic brain injury and concussion. What’s interesting is that sometimes it seems like people will bounce right back within a week after of having a concussion or brain injury. Other people it seems like it never goes away. That is primarily because it is due to how much visual and sensory information is disturbed in the brain from having this concussion. Was it a super serious concussion, was it something that was really mild, those sorts of things can determine whether or not this is going to stick around a lot longer for some individuals verses other.

The other thing to consider is is there anxiety? For certain, there can be, particularly if someone says “since I’ve had my concussion, I’ve had double vision or I just can’t manage to focus on anything when I am moving and walking around. Everything is just de-focused. I can’t make sense of it. It seems like I have to wait a long time for my brain to focus stuff in.”

That can be debilitating. It actually may cause some people to not be able to continue in their job or career. So absolutely it can produce anxiety and emotional and psychological non-stability. Prior to that, all they can think about is what their life was like before the head injury or the concussion.

This is the reason why it is super important to get help as fast as you can. Getting your vision evaluated by a developmental optometrist and seeking out treatment with photo-syntonic light therapy and vision therapy is really imperative to help you get on the road to recovery faster than just waiting around to see how quickly this will recover for you. It’s going to take years.

If you are local, contact our clinic at 618-288-1489 to find out how we can help you. If you are non-local or you’re worldwide to us, go to our website and fill out the questionnaire link on the home page. We are going to connect back with you and get the ball rolling and get started on how we can help you to decrease these symptoms and get you back to some normalcy in your life.

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