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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy sessions include procedures designed to enhance the brain's ability to control eye alignment, eye tracking and eye teaming, eye focusing abilities, eye movements, and/or visual processing.

Wall of Fame

This is our wall of success stories. Come visit us and read about our patient's success!

Welcome to vision for life

We work with children and adults with various vision problems that affect their ability to read, write, comprehend, perform in sports or perform on the job. We utilize Syntonic Phototherapy and traditional in office Vision Therapy to correct these problems and improve quality of life. At Vision For Life, we strive to make every patient experience exceptional. We are very excited when we have the opportunity to dramatically improve our patients lives! Our motto is "Improving Vision Today, Ensuring Success Tomorrow".

do you have homework wars with your child?

Are you exhausted after a long day wondering why your smart child is struggling in school? Contact Dr. Julie Steinhauer at Vision For Life to find out how Vision Therapy can help your child succeed!

Call us today at 618 288 1489 or send us an email!

Some services we provide

Our specialty is working with children with learning related vision problems. The average child improves 3.7 grade levels in reading comprehension following vision therapy.

an amazing personal story

Before vision therapy, my daughter Katie, age 9, hated school. Homework was a nightmare for the entire family...

Quality of Life Questionnaire

Do you ever skip words when reading? Do you avoid near work or reading?
Do you ever forget what you've read? Do you suffer from reduced comprehension?
Take our Quality of Life Questionnaire to find out if you would benefit
from Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy In Action

Eye/Hand Coordination with the Marsden Ball

Eye/Hand Coordination with the Marsden Ball

Space Fixator

Space Fixator

Prism Doubling Glasses

Prism Doubling Glasses

Eye tracking with the Wayne Saccadic Fixator

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